2020 has given me the courage to articulate new thoughts & publish old thoughts that I hesitated to share…what better time than now to explore my thoughts, confront my fears & the backlog of things I’ve wanted to get to? So, here we go…

Today, I want to talk about change.

I journal sporadically, mostly when I feel strongly & deeply about something. If my journal was a season, it would be a mighty Indian monsoon…heavy rains (periods where I write) followed by a prolonged dry season (periods where I don’t).

From time to time, I reflect on the notes…

On September 7th 2014, my Father walked into our living room, with his laptop in his hands and a great deal of excitement in his heart.

You see, excitement in our household is fairly common, especially during the August-September as well as December-January timeframe. My sister & I moved away from home at 17 to pursue our undergraduate degrees at McGill and the University of Waterloo, in 2010 and 2012, respectively. …

(Note: Written transcript of a speech I gave earlier this year at a Feminine Harbor LIGHT series event).

When Carolina asked me if I would be interested in being a part of the LIGHT series, I was delighted but also incredibly nervous. See, I am an entrepreneur and a student of Economics and Business; I typically talk about concepts or ideas pertaining to my social venture, consumer behaviour, industry trends or GDPs. Sentiments take the back seat for some less or known reason in business (but that is a whole separate discussion!).

The truth is, being vulnerable is hard and…

There has been a lot of talk around how irresponsible and sexist the Media has been with the coverage of the Olympics in Rio. We’re only a week into the Olympics and as with all things, “real life” is catching up. Real life rooted in real problems. Real problems rooted in systemic negligence and ignorance. If feminism is the “F” word, sexism is the “S” word. It is shocking, unnecessary, constraining and for many women, like myself, it sucks.

Every single athlete in Rio today, man or woman, has trained strenuously for years to be where they are today. They’ve…

As a part-time TEDx curator and full-time TEDx enthusiast, I find myself, like many others, constantly hurdling from one TED talk to another. Some might call watching TED talks a hobby or an interest but for

Meaghan Ramsey on the TEDxUnilever stage

me, it’s more than just that. It is a form of “structured procrastination” (as psychologists have proven today), the kind that makes you more productive. I say this because each talk always teaches me something new about the world in which we live in or about myself as a separate entity, inspiring me and giving me plenty of food for thought.

Meaghan Ramsey’s TED…

Trishala Pillai

A series of reflections on technology, business, society & culture.

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